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River Rafting Expeditions

Rafting in Ganga The holy ganges is undoubtedly the much celebrated religious icon of india. this divine river originates from the gangotri glacier in himalayas around 10,300 feet above sea level. it is surely the source of all divinity and spiritualism in india. this river passes through many states before reaching to its final destination bay of bengal. one of the major states through which it passes is uttrakhand.this holy river ganges also serves an ultimate destination for river rafting lovers.

Rafting in Alaknanda Water sport is any day and any time the best outdoor activity that can be chosen from its peers! and white water river rafting is considered to be the best among all water sports. it's because of lesser known fact that people who doesn't know swimming can also enjoy white water river rafting to its core without having any fear of the mishaps. though it's an activity majorly enjoyed by youth but it has no such rigid age limits. only thing that is required

Rafting In Ladakh, Ladakh is a place that has no match at all. it is surely one of its own kinds. it is popularly called as "land of high passes". ladakh was discovered by fa-hian, who traveled across its inhospitable terrain in 399 a.d., as 'the land where snow never melts and only corn ripens'. because it is situated very close to tibet, its culture, traditions and language is pretty much similar to the natives of tibet. it is therefore popularly connoted as "mini tibet".

Kali River Rafting Arranged on the bank of the great river rafting kali, just outside the town of dandeli, this camp is one that consolidates the roughness of the wilderness with the consoling solaces of home. the varity of the exploit exercises that exist here are boundless. dandeli natural life haven and anshi national park, which are near the camp, speaks to a definitive heaven for nature beaus. stay here for some time… … . who knows, you might never need to about-face again Brahmaputra River Rafting, Brahmaputra is in the north eastern piece of india which is known to be the greatest river of the nation. it enters india from the far eastern state of the arunachal pradesh in the wake of traversing the tibet as the tsangpo from its origin close to the sacred pool of mansarovar. brahmaputra is the world's biggest river on the scale of indus, mississippi and the nile. it moves through the tibet where it is known as dihang.

Rafting in Bhagirathi Bhagirathi river is a turbulent himalayan stream, placed in the state of uttarakhand. it offers one of the best extends of rapids for white water rafting in bhagirathi the entire of asia and a standout amongst the most prominent vacationer spots in the nation. starting in the himalayan gomukha slopes, bolstered by the gangotri icy masses, bhagirathi is an astounding choice for the individuals who try to satisfy their crave endeavor and river rafting in bhagirathi. bhagirathi.

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