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Camp Activities in Rishikesh

On the off chance that you are venturing out to Rishikesh you truly ought to attempt the rope exercises offered by us. a standout amongst the most requested movement is rock climbing[1] in rishikesh. as rishikesh is found close to the foothills of the incredible indian himalayas the close-by bluffs and mountain rock climbing in rishikesh reaches offer sufficient challenges and open doors for rock climbing[1] in rishikesh. we have a group of ensured educators from nehru foundation of mountaineering, uttarkashi who will direct and support you for this experience sports. the present day gear and the strategies taught to you by our group of educators will guarantee your wellbeing. rock climbing movement is not only a physical action; it takes constancy and vicinity of psyche to finish the errand of arriving at the sought point effortlessly.

The rock face is spotted close to our campground, our affirmed rock climbing teachers who have years of experience in completing mountaineering campaigns, will short you with respect to the gear and different systems used to climb the given rock face. at that point he might exhibit it by climbing it himself, and at the same time cautioning you about the testing parcels. you will be outfitted with wellbeing tackle, a head protector and given a chance to test your gauge at rock climbing.

This movement is accepted to help trust and test both your physical and mental qualities. you will require stamina and confidence to finish the errand and once you are carried out you might be compensated with conviction toward oneself and certainty. so for your next excursion do keep rock climbing in rishikesh in your endeavor agenda.

We offer different packages that incorporate rock climbing movement, for nitty gritty choices please check our waterway rafting packages for rishikesh.

Burma Rope Bridge

The burma rope bridge is the excellent rope walking action for the adrenaline junkies. it includes a thick rope on the base to walk upon, and after those two ropes on the sides to clutch as this bridge extends over a region. we sort out this gathering action at the camp with the well being equipment and accomplished aides.one can take the daring walk over the bridge once they are wearing the well being saddle. you would truly appreciate to cross the since a long time ago suspended bridge.extraordinary forethought has been taken to outline and refine our comforts and enterprises throughout the years to oblige most any age and gathering size.

Cliff Jumping in Rishikesh

Cliff jumping is a standout amongst the most energizing exercises offered amid stream rafting in rishikesh. there is a cliff found in the lower piece of the rafting excursion in the brahmpuri extend only 2 kms before laxman jhula. the flatboat is stopped on the banks and the colleagues are spurred to jump from the cliff.

In the event that you ever strive for waterway rafting in rishikesh you must attempt cliff jumping movement. the cliff jumping is sheltered and one does not have to know swimming as it is carried out wearing a life coat. the life coat does not permit you to suffocate and the stream aide guarantees that you return on the flatboat securely a while later.
It is surely an energizing and bold experience to hop into the streaming waterway from the cliff that high. all the time individuals who set out to jump from the cliff once retreat up again to hop couple of additional times.

Tallness of Cliff Jump in Rishikesh

The stream present of the ganges under the cliff is gentle. the stature of the hop changes as per the water level of the ganges and shifts slowly as the day progressed. the normal tallness of the jump is around 20 feets. in any case, around the end of season (june) the stature is something like 10 feets just.
Regardless of which season you do it, cliff jumping in rishikesh will without a doubt help your trust and evacuate dread of statures and water. cliff jumping is additionally utilized as a feature of our corporate group building projects for the same reasons. indeed, all our waterway rafting packages in rishikesh incorporate cliff jumping.

Body Surfing

Won't it be a decent encounter in the event that you get to surf without utilizing a surf board? it would positively be extraordinary isn't it, to simply let the current aide you while you undertake the waves. additionally fascinating is that you get to move your body like a skilful and perky seal while you body surf riding the waves. everything you need is to streamline your body and you are allowed to surf as long as you longing. albeit just a couple of swim blades is required for body surfing, some different apparatuses that you can convey with you , incorporates hand oars, wave razor sharp edges, hand firearms and the preferences. these will help you pick up more speed and will likewise help you with tackle the waves in a superior way. then again, you can lose the balances on the off chance that you need to, yet keeping it on will make it more fun and simple for you.

In the event that you have sooner or later to execute then body surfing in rishikesh is a perfect wager for you. notwithstanding, before you enter the cold waters, it would be better to have an early on session with the experts of the diversion, the expert surfers. if there should arise an occurrence of body surfing, it is pivotal that you are mindful of the surface of the water you mean to surf on. the experts will show every one of you the deceives you have to learn like twisting your body into a ball, plunging back up offering into the waves and numerous others. with fitting direction and preparing, body surfing in rishikesh might be a ton more fun than you can suspect.


Rappelling is a standout amongst the most brave experience exercises offered in rishikesh. basically put, rappelling means letting one self down from the rock face. our group of teachers for rappelling is all testament holders from nehru institute of mountaineering, uttarkashi. our group is benevolent and inspires you for this energizing action of rappelling. you might be guaranteed of a safe and fun knowledge of rappelling with our group.
For rappelling, a rope is attached to the base; whish is situated high over the rock face. you are given all the obliged gear cap, gloves, bridle, and so on. the teacher briefs you on the strategy to securely lower yourself. an additional rope is additionally attached to the saddle to guarantee your security. this security rope is controlled by the teacher and discharged relentlessly as you lower yourself.
Rappelling in rishikesh is a challenging action and supports trust. the rock face for rappelling is accessible at our campground in rishikesh. you can try to get the rappling action included along with your stream rafting package. a large portion of our expanded packages (more than one night) incorporate rappelling in rishikesh of course.

Water Fall - Neer Gaddu Waterfall Rishikesh

Neer Gaddu Waterfall rishikesh is arranged close about 6 kilometer from tapovan. trekking through this waterfalls and passing by shallow pool gives you certified taste. the shorter walk through the backwoods to the waterfall was excellent. numerous types of butterfly and the water were clear.

Garud Chatti Waterfall Rishikesh

Garud Chatti waterfall rishikesh is arranged at neelkanth street close about 5 kilometer from laxam jhula. this waterfall in rishikesh into one of the problem areas, predominantly among outside visitors in this sacred township. the waterfall is little, very few individuals visit these waterfalls and they are a charming spot to visit and to use several hours. to get to the falls you walk north out and about from laksman jhula pass the ganga view restaurant. you can additionally take a jeep. after 3½ km you go to a couple of tea and cool beverage stands. you then climb the slope for a few minutes and there is a way prompting the falls. you can proceed the way for an alternate moment to an alternate little waterfall.

Phool Chatti Waterfall Rishikesh

Phool Chatti Waterfall Rishikesh is arranged at neelkanth street close about 3 kilometer from garud chatti waterfall. this little waterfall trekking in rishikesh and way is dangerous, so be watchful at the time of trekking to waterfall here.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a considerable measure like indoor volleyball. its rules are like volleyball. while volleyball is played on hard surface, with shore volleyball you can have a ton of fun on the delicate sandy regular floor. the best thing about the game is that individuals of all age gatherings can play it. it's an incredible recreation game and an extraordinary group building activity. it is likewise a decent practice to spur your vitality level. at camp gold coast, beach volleyball is a mainstream relaxation action. you can invest your vacation time here, by playing a round of shore volleyball with family and companions. with the waterway ganga streaming on one side and the mountains all around, the amusement is really going to be a special experience for you.

Beach volleyball is a flawless decision to invest your recreation time and nighttimes on your excursion to rishikesh. the best thing about this game is that it is similarly a more secure diversion than different exercises. playing volleyball in the midst of the hypnotizing environs of rishikesh and cool spouting air, what progressively would you be able to request. the whole gathering can get enjoy this action, is it individuals of any age bunch. the delicate sands of rishikesh beaches give a glorious experience to your feet while you play the game. in addition, you can research the details of this game from the volleyball masters on the beaches who will prepare you how to play like an expert.


A moderately new activity in india, rafting has been on the escapade tourism map throughout recent decades! there is nothing truly like the 'immaculate vitality high' one gets from riding frothing white water rapids. at g5 adventure rafting company. we offer both rafting packages going from 1-3 days at our camp on the ganges and independent river endeavours on different indian rivers.

Bonfire is a standout amongst the most prevalent action in our packages. evening bonfires are a convention at the camp and we have a committed open air fire range to assemble in the nights. we serve complimentary food at the bonfire furthermore offer veg and non veg on request. it feels amazing when you are permitted to sit around bonfire on the riverside. you can enjoy your food. appreciate with your known & friends. you can play some latest music & make this bonfire feeling much more wonderful. in our jungle camps, you likewise have the alternative to play music on the speakers during bonfire during beach camping in rishikesh.

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